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Homosexuality is NOT a disorder or illness.  This website exposes the MISLEADING CLAIMS made for the effectiveness of so-called "treatments" to make gay people straight. It arose from research funded by the Wellcome Trust into the oral histories of people who underwent such treatments in Britain from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Treatments to change a person's sexuality are unethical, ineffective and likely to be damaging.  If you listen to a BBC debate with Dr Jospeh Nicolosi (NARTH) on our Interviews page you will hear how muddled such therapists are about what they do.  The American Psychiatric Association and all other major associations of psychiatrists, psychotherapists or psychologists explicitly warn against so-called reparative or conversion therapies that attempt to make gay people straight.

We collected oral histories from lesbian, gay and bisexual people who had undergone some form of treatment. We also collected oral histories from professionals who had developed and conducted the treatments.  We wanted to know how patients had coped and whether the professionals had eventually realised the harm they were doing.

On this website you will find a selection of the oral histories that arose from that research as well as others sent to us since.  To read them click on the Narratives button in the Menu and then on Patient Story or Professional Story. You can also read and listen to opinions on our Interviews page

We want to to hear from people who have had these "treatments". Unfortunately many lesbian, gay and bisexual people have undergone psychotherapy, aversion behaviour therapy, or various forms of spiritual or reparative therapy to try to become heterosexual. If this has happened to you or is happening to you now, please send us your story. You may know a friend or relative who received or is receiving treatment. If so, we would like you to send us their story.

We know that a small number of therapists continue to offer 'treatment' today.  We want to hear from doctors, psychotherapists, counsellors or psychologists, who may have provided these treatments.  If you gave these treatments, please tell us about them and what you think about them now.

You can send us a written account, or an audio or video digital recording of your story.  We may edit it to make sure it is anonymous and will not cause offence to third parties. We shall then add it to the stories already on this website.

In particular, we want to hear from people living in India, South America and China where less is known about the extent of such treatments.


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