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We conducted a large survey of over 1300 therapists in the UK about their work with LGB clients who approach them wishing to change their sexual orientation. This report appears in the free access academic journal BMC Psychiatry.  

Gay, lesbian and bisexual people suffer higher rates of psychological problems and drug and alcohol misuse than heterosexual people, most of which is due to the discrimination they experience as they grow up and realise their sexuality.  We have published two studies on this issue. The research came from a large national survey of mental health conducted in the UK.  We examined how best to ask questions about sexuality in such surveys as well as report on the mental health of the LGB people taking part in the research.  


Are these mental health problems found only in LGB people living in the UK?  The answer is a clear No; in fact they are likely to be even worse in some parts of the world such as Africa where discrimination against lesbian and gay people is so much harsher. We reviewed the world literature about the psychological problems suffered by gay and lesbian people. These difficulties appear to be the result of discrimination and prejudice. This report also appears in BMC Psychiatry.


The American Psychological Association has an important and informative document on its website about the normality of homosexuality and the case against trying to "treat" it as an illness. The Royal College of Psychiatrists has also published a similar statement, as has the American Psychiatric Association.


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